What is a Dakini?

“Traditionally, the term dakini has been used for outstanding female practitioners, consorts of great masters, and to denote the enlightened female principle of nonduality which transcends gender,” Khandro Rinpoche, whose very name literally means “precious dakini,” points out. Khandro Rinpoche defines the authentic dakini principle as “a very sharp, brilliant wisdom mind that is uncompromising, honest, with a little bit of wrath. To really meet the dakini, you have to go beyond duality,” Khandro Rinpoche teaches, referring to an essential principle in Vajrayana that the absolute reality cannot be grasped intellectually.

The Inagural Meeting!

The Bridgend meditation group introductory course commenced successfully last night with five people attending in addition to Dorje and another joining the group next week.

If you missed it there are options for you to still join the group either now or at a later date (express your interest via the contact page and Dorje will get back to you with options!).

7th February – Great news! We now have eleven people registered for the group.


“The Essence of Meditation”

“Meditation is about not doing anything. The act of focusing on the body and/or the breath are not the essence of meditation. They are just a means for setting yourself up so that meditation can happen”

Discover the essence of meditation for yourself by joining our mediation classes in Bridgend commencing with an introductory course in January 2018. (See the “Learn to meditate” page for further details).

Learn about Formless Meditation in a non-doctrinal environment


Our Formless meditation classes are available and accessible to all, regardless of your religious background or beliefs. We teach meditation in a non-doctrinal way so that everyone can benefit from the tools and techniques for becoming more calm, less stressed, and more mindful and aware.

Having taken our classes you may wish to continue with our weekly meditation sessions or you may wish to explore Buddhism. Either option is equally acceptable and available!