Learn to Meditate

Unfortunately we are not currently offering any introductory or beginners classes and membership of the Bridgend Group is o longer possible unless you are an existing Awakened Heart Sangha member.

We welcome complete beginners who initially need to enrol on the introductory course before joining the main group if they choose to continue their development, as well as those with meditation experience looking to practice with others (they too however are advised to engage via the introductory group in order to ensure consistency).

Contact David (Dorje) via the contact page.

We run a five to six week introductory course ‘Heart of Meditation’ at various times throughout the year. It may be possible to follow the course as home study with support from a mentor before joining the main group of meditators if you prefer. For more information please do get in touch via the contact page.

The type of meditation we practice is called ‘Formless Meditation‘ to differentiate it from other types of meditation that use form or visualisation. Learning this type of mindful meditation can  help us to feel more relaxed and less stressed. Find out more about Formless Meditation at www.howtomeditate.org.uk.

learn to mediate in Bridgend South Wales

Introductory classes begin with an introduction to formless meditation delivered in a non-doctrinal fashion, for those who initially simply want to learn to meditate (see weekly format below).

The  “Heart of Meditation” course is aimed mainly at beginners but is also suitable for those with previous meditation experience who wish to learn about “formless meditation” and receive further instruction from an experienced meditator and teacher trained in mentoring and communicating meditation techniques.

It is important but not essential to try and attend all the sessions where possible but especially the initial session. An advance payment of £45 is requested to cover the full cost of the course.

Use the contact page to request any more information or ask a question. Alternatively ring Dorje on 07971165435.


Quaker Meeting House,  87 Park Street,  Bridgend,  CF31 4AZ

Attendees pay a contribution of £3 per session towards the cost of facility hire and other miscellaneous expenses.


Introductory meditation classes run regularly throughout the year. (please check availability, these are not drop-in classes and must be booked using the contact page).

Main established group classes – 7.00 pm – 8.45 pm (these are also not drop-in classes, please contact Dorje, using contact page, if you are considering attending).

The Introductory Course consists of the following:

Week 1  – Welcome and introduction to the Essence.

Week 2 – Setting up a Practice.

Week 3 – Working with the Body.

Week 4 – Integrating & Reflecting.

Week 5 – Working with Difficulty.

Week 6 – Taking it Further?

Disclaimer: We are extremely grateful to the Bridgend Quakers for allowing us access to their facilities, however, that in no way means that they endorse the Awakened Heart Sangha or indeed vice versa.  The AHS, however, has the greatest respect for all Quaker organisations and practitioners and feel sure that respect is reciprocated.